Coco Mercy C., KALAIA Label

Photos by Fatin I. “The world doesn’t need another fashion brand, and there’s no point in me doing it if I’m not providing something extra.” Coco Mercy C is the Singaporean artist behind KALAIA Label, Singapore’s first luxury bohemian designer label which was launched in October 2015. Besides designing for and launching the label, Coco also […]

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Nick Ng Choon Peng

A trained visual artist, Nick Ng Choon Peng is the main founder and artistic director of FMD, Fundamental Multi-Disciplinary. Among his notable productions are Re- R, Hamletmachine-Trail of Wei Jing Sheng, Lefthand, When Will I See Sky, Nevermind and Whiteoveralls-Initial Processing-Producing Identicals, in which real issues of life, politics and society are torn apart and […]

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Ellialyn L.

Claiming to have been left behind on Earth by alien parents, 25 year-old Ellialyn is a fun-loving member of ‘alien royalty’ who also happens to be a calligraphist from sunny Singapore. Here are some things that Ellialyn loves: life on Earth, Korean food, chocolate, and the Korean boyband TVXQ.   You mentioned in your Instagram […]

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Little Favors By Ethel

Ethel Koh is a baker from Singapore. She has been baking since she was 14, and before pursuing it as a full-time profession, she worked at a hospital. She was a baker at Maple & Market and also founded Little Favors By Ethel, an outlet for her to express herself through her creations. We had […]

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She finds her roots in Bergen, Norway. We were attracted to her soul-stirring vocals. Like her live performances, her sound on record is a reflection of restful exuberance. Dark, yet warm vibes, surround the mellow tunes. The EP, Running With The Wolves, features songs written for a passionate ear. It does not matter what your […]

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Couch Theatre

I find the notion of medication for mood disorders somewhat alarming. If science can reduce my emotions to chemical reactions, and my emotions are such fundamental elements of my person, what then of these little capsules that promise to fix “chemical imbalances” in our heads? Will our emotions still belong to us if we consume […]

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