Poems by Guest Writer Natalie Chin
Illustrations by Guest Illustrator Camilla Frankl-Slater

no one thing is ever enough for you
you say turning in the waters
as you break surface for another breath
it is very dark tonight and with
your arms you push water away
and then towards you again
water loves you so silently in comparison
and i watch as you make your choice
each time you flip full rounds
kicking the edge of the pool away
and leaving me behind with it

natalie chin2

My Answer is Yes (But How?)
in june behind shuttered streets
no one knows where we are

day old sheets soak through
with the heat of sweat and legs

i sit by the alley drains and watch
you pull smoke back into lungs

ribbons that i want to keep watching
as your hands pull me close

what we knit together in the dark
is unlike anything else i have known

i tell you that i am dreaming
of first snow again

glimpses of another life
in a city made only of ourselves

here: i am naming what little we have
i am living in the dream set of forever


near morning
crackling with heat

silky light sneaking around
then through to the wet clothes

curling up near your silence the rise-fall
of your chest is a relief that i want

to keep experiencing myself
i feel the warmth of skin only

in the distance the wet markets stir
our fingers reach for each other

as if being near would
make the pain go away

but time stops its stutter and
i am sensing slow flight on your body

Natalie Chin grew up in Singapore and currently lives in London. She is the Literary Editor of Galavant Magazine and is an Arts and Sciences student at University College London. Find her here and here.
Camilla Frankl-Slater is an artist studying illustration at Camberwell College of Art and is a member of Bunny Collective. Find her here and here.